Our History

SCANDRILL INC. is exclusively a land-based drilling contractor operating in Texas, Louisiana, New Mexico, and Oklahoma. SCANDRILL INC. has a rich history in serving the drilling industry for over four decades. We value our relationship with our customers and work hard to exceed expectations.  We market drilling rigs fit-for-purpose ensuring operators can achieve their drilling program goals.

Our People

We believe outstanding employees make great companies and that our success in the marketplace is driven by our people working together as one. Customers and service partners quickly recognize SCANDRILL INC.’s working culture. The company has focused on hiring long-term career-minded individuals looking to grow in a rewarding work environment. At SCANDRILL INC., people are encouraged to take part in challenging work, have an opportunity for advancement, receive regular feedback and are involved in the decision-making process. We believe in decision-making at the lowest competent level. We invest in our people by providing quality training and very competitive salaries and generous benefits. Using specific tools and concepts, we understand what it takes to create a safe performance culture.

Our Identity   

SCANDRILL INC. uses conventional and unconventional methods to make a difference in the drilling industry. We continue to create safer working conditions and operational efficiency through leadership and technology. We upgrade our equipment to lessen our impact on the environment and to create a safer place to work for our employees through automation. SCANDRILL INC. uses the latest technology on a single platform to improve efficiencies in asset and inventory tracking, maintenance, hours capture, safety and operations. Processes and workflows are automated with roles and responsibilities well defined and clear accountability. We employ tools and concepts found in other industries to improve efficiencies and reliability to enable SCANDRILL INC. to be a “drilling contractor of choice”. We remain committed to continuously upgrade our drilling rigs with a dedicated in-house staff to ensure safe performance and efficiency.  Simply put, SCANDRILL INC. is a values-based performance-culture company. We focus on building trust and long-term relationships with our customers and service partners by delivering reliable service without harm to people or the environment.