We are committed to delivering consistent and dependable results, while protecting the environment and ensuring the safety of everyone affected by our operations.

Image title"We recognize there are inherent risks involved in our daily work responsibilities. We absolutely believe these risks can be eliminated or mitigated to an acceptable level by the application of sound management policies and the commitment of all employees."  Paul M. Mosvold, President & COO

Our Core Values reflect who WE are in business and on the rig floor. 

SCANDRILL INC. uses conventional and unconventional methods to make a difference in the drilling industry. We continue to create safer working conditions and operational efficiency through leadership and technology. We upgrade our equipment to lessen our impact on the environment and to create a safer place to work for our employees through automation. SCANDRILL INC. uses the latest technology on a single platform to improve efficiencies in asset and inventory tracking, maintenance, hours capture, safety and operations. 

We remain committed to continuously upgrade our drilling rigs with a dedicated in-house staff to ensure safe performance and efficiency.  Simply put, SCANDRILL INC. is a values-based performance-culture company. We focus on building trust and long-term relationships with our customers and service partners by delivering reliable service without harm to people or the environmentImage title

Image titleScandrill Standardizes Rig Fleet on Puradyn® Engine Oil Filtration Systems; Achieves Five-fold Increase in Oil Drain Intervals to 5,000 Hours

Scandrill, Inc., with the help of Puradyn Filter Technologies Incorporated has standardized on Puradyn patented oil filtration systems for all engines in its 17-NORSEMAN Series rig fleet. Scandrill’s recently christened state-of-the-art Scan Quest as designed with the Puradyn System installed as part of the total package for their rig power.
Scandrill President and COO, Paul M. Mosvold said, "With the new Scan Quest Rig, as with all our rigs, we are focused on constantly improving our operating efficiency including improvements to maintenance, which this product assists. It’s a win-win for our customers, the environment, and Scandrill.”
Puradyn President and COO, Kevin Kroger, said, “Puradyn is proud to be a supplier to such a forward-thinking company. Their commitment to constant improvement and openness to accept advanced technology speaks volumes for Scandrill, now as well as in the future. Paul and his TEAM were very quick to accept the concept of engine oil bypass filtration, and have adopted their maintenance procedures to reflect the improvements in efficiency, productivity, and savings this concept brings to their business. We look forward to continuing our working relationship with Paul and his TEAM.”