I have been servicing the oil and gas industry for a short 12 years. In our line of work with interacting and working with several drilling companies ScanDrill has set themselves apart with their professionalism and core values that are apparent practiced from the top down in their organization. I have personally serviced their rigs countless of times since my move to West Texas 4 years ago and visiting their rig sites I knew that day I would be greeted with appreciation, a safe work environment, and the ability to get the job done with the rig’s cooperation. At the end of the day all of us in this industry want to provide an excellent job and return home safely to our friends and families. I know working with ScanDrill this is more than achievable.

-Daniel Vernon, Business Development Manager, Royal Service and Rentals

Thanks so much for everything, and best believe I’ll never forget the Scandill rig that I broke out on, Scandrill has a place in my heart, always.

-Parker Holt, Petroleum Engineer, Lonquist & CO. LLC

A few words about Scandrill as a small token of my appreciation of the trust you have imparted to me. You, Sami and Paul are three of the best people I know.

It has been heartening to know men of uncompromised integrity in this sea of unwashed, unknowing, ignorant, unbelieving, uncaring humanity known as the American public.  Thank God we finally have a man in charge who is the antithesis of the enemy within who proceeded him. Here’s to the New Year!

-Rob Holman, Blackstone Insurance Services

In multiple years of using many different Scan rigs, the thing than stands out is the positive attitude from the hands, the safety team, the managers and the leadership. Everyone cooperates and contributes to successful wells. I have been blessed to introduce the Scan operation to many senior drillsite leadership, Engineers, Drilling Managers and Executives over time and Scan has consistently delivered on their end with whatever well challenges or timelines we have been dealt.

Top three reasons:

Attitude- that starts at the top and is reflected all through the organization.

Fairness- all thru the Planning, Contracting, dealing with personnel, equipment, unscheduled events and financial issues, we have always enjoyed a win-win attitude uncommon in most contractor/client relationships.

Value added- unfortunately, in today's oilfield there exist too many examples of costly well problems caused or contributed to by poor planning, hurry-up mentality and by just the do-it-my way mindset. The Scan team has always been open to sharing best practices they have learned or Witnessed and have been open to learning or trying new solutions to the way it's always been done.

- David Hall, President & COO PCORE Exploration & Production

Scandrill is one of those rare companies that not only has adopted Core Values with integrity but actually lives by them. Scan employees from the top down are loyal and concerned for one another's welfare.

They realize by working as a cohesive team, they all come out ahead. They keep one another accountable and as a result they perform at a high level and stay on the cutting edge of safety and technology.  The Scandrill family has redefined success and make sure their employees, investors and owners all come out on top. Never does one group win at the expense of the other.

Scan realizes a strong family contributes to strong communities. Scandrill is a true part of their communities and will stay true to their core values both now and in to the future. Scandrill realizes a big part of the future is the children of their employees. Scan always includes kids and teens through their company and anniversary celebrations as well as by making it easy for Scan kids to attend an East Texas summer camp, for 16 years Scan has paid for half camp fees for thier employees children.

- Matt Raines, Director Frontier Camp 

I would like to personally recommend Jeremy Dickens for the IADC Chairman’s Anniversary Award. Jeremy has served as the Rig Manager on the Scan Star during its’ 22 months working for our company. Jeremy’s leadership skills have inspired his team to focus on eliminating injuries and enhancing process safety. His crews visibly demonstrate the can-do attitude that has helped establish an unparalleled drilling operation for our West Texas Asset. Under Jeremy’s leadership the Scan Star has set many records for West Texas drilling, including the longest measured depth well and our 2 fastest wells. The rig has amassed 342,242 ft. of total footage drilled and 114,749 ft. of lateral. All this was accomplished while maintaining best in class NPT.

- Drilling Operations Manager

I just want all of you to know how much a pleasure it has been working with Scandrill team members including all, Rig Manager's, Drillers and our rough necks.  Safety is never sacrificed nor is Safety ever hid behind. Your crews are very attentive and have a “ CAN DO SPIRIT ” on getting the job accomplished in a Safe & timely manner.

- Well Site Manager

I must say that I am continuously impressed and feel blessed to have been able to work with the wonderful people of Scandrill. I find that it is always a pleasure. I myself as well as several of my employees have had the opportunity to go out to multiple Scandrill rig locations and work with the men who run them. I always look forward to being able to go to Scandrill locations as well as their facilities as their employees have consistently been very professional, positive, friendly and helpful. I have observed their quality of work, their consistent practices of good leadership, detail to safety and exemplary team work displayed by all of Scandrill teams; from management, mechanics, Rig managers and to all guys out on the locations and in the facilities. I would like to say job well done, I would also like to personally commend David Blankinship and Phillip Jones, for always taking a personal yet professional approach and making sure that everyone is well educated and always knows what is expected. These two gentlemen always do things with the utmost professionalism and courtesy. As someone who has worked within the oil industry for 37 years, I can say that Scandrill as a whole contain some of the best people that I have had the privilege to work with.

- Service Partner: Permian Radiator Service and Supply / Permian Radiator Service and Supply of Texas

I am impressed with the safety culture out here on this rig and how they apply S.C.O.P.E. (Safety;Culture;Oversight;Process;Engineering) to their everyday work practices. They have a really great safety program that they use constantly throughout the day on everything that needs to be accomplished to minimize and defend against human error. Before we start any task (for example picking up a new BHA) we will meet in the doghouse and asses the situation. Then we will identify potential hazards. Discuss the hazards and how to mitigate error likely situations. Plan and execute work, always reinforcing the right behaviors. And then have an after action review. Being a 3rd party hand I am not exempt from the SCOPE policy out here, I have to know it and practice it. We all work together as a team and we always get the jobs done safely. All this is done through the sound leadership out here on location. Job well done by all the hands on this rig.

- Directional Driller, Permian Basin 


Scandrill has adopted the “Eyes On” program in all their operations which has resulted in a significant decrease of spills, of any kind, on all locations.  You are certainly looking out for the greater good by taking the “eyes on” program and adopting it within your entire fleet. We feel the value of the program and appreciate your alignment with that goal. It will be a good story to share as I meet with “The Nature Conservancy” and a bunch of academics up at Carnegie Mellon University.


- EHS Manager, Major Operator – Southern Region

It's been a pleasure working with you guys and rig crew. Couldn't have asked for a better group of guys. I hate what happened but even in football, when you're the best player on the team, sometimes you get traded. Keep in touch.  

- Major Operator, Company Man

We have had the opportunity to work with Scandrill for almost 4 years. I can honestly say that this company employs some of the best people in the oilfield. Their crews, from the top down, are friendly, honest and professional. We sincerely value our working relationship and I can honestly say that Scandrill is my favorite company in the field to work with! Thanks guys, and keep up the great work.

- Marty Hinnenkamp - R&J Electrical Technician